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What we do?

Mould Inspection

We provide our clients with a comprehensive mould inspection and mould assessment including a thorough visual inspection, moisture testing, thermal imaging inspections, we consider contributing air quality factors including condensation and humidity and assess the impact of water damage, water leaks, plumbing leaks, rising damp, and roof and drainage problems around Ireland.

The Inspection fee in Dublin is €150, outside -from € 180.

Beware of " Free, No- obligation" assessments and quotes.. Are they really Free? 

Mould Removal

Our mould technicians use the latest technology, which allow us, identify if any repairs are needed to carried out at the property and recommend any solutions to reduce moisture.  Our mould removal service achieves fantastic results and can usually be completed within one day. No job is too big or too small for Mould Busters Ireland and we will work closely with you to ensure that your mould problem is eradicated so that you can get on with your life as normal.

Prolonged exposure to high levels of indoor dampness can reduce lung function and cause chronic health problems such as asthma.

Damp Survey

Mould Busters Ireland are experts in diagnosing condensation, mould and fungal growth. We are on hand to advise, detect and report on property problems to ensure the correct remedial response is undertaken with a clear understanding of root cause and potential resolutions. Throughout the whole process our friendly customer service team will be more then happy to provide advice and answer any questions. 

Yes, if you have damp and mould you're more likely to have respiratory problems, respiratory infections and allergies.  Dampness is one of the most common causes of poor indoor air in homes in Irelan.

Mould Testing

We outsource this service to avoid any conflict of interest and to provide independent results. This provides assurance for all parties involved that the job has been completed and the mould has been removed.

Bugs Control

If you are experiencing a pest infestation problem in your domestic or commercial premises and it is causing damage, disruption and stress then it’s time to call in Mould Busters

Property Deep Cleaning

End of tenancy cleaning is top-to-bottom cleaning of the whole property, which means that we will stay as long as it takes until we thoroughly clean everything in the house. We will scrub and sanitize all the premises without to miss a spot..

About us

Service philosophy

Worried About Your Indoor Air Quaility? Feel sick? Suffer from Ashtma? We are experts in the removal of mould from residential, commercial and industrial environments. Our mould services address many common mould problems including toxic bathroom mould removal, ceiling mould removal, removing black mould and eliminating the causes of mould in your home. 

Mould Busters help in reducing and eliminating issues such as allergies, odour, mould, bed bugs, dustmites and other hygiene related issues for both residential and commercial areas.Combined with our state of the art equipment and modern techniques, our Environmentally Friendly and Non Toxic Products help in eliminating various types of mould, including black mould in bathrooms, ceilings, clothing, furniture and bedding’s.

Why to Call Mould Busters?

Some moulds are extremely dangerous and produce mycotoxins that can pose a serious risk to human. We protect what's most important! Your Health. 

 Those most at risk of health problems caused by household moulds are children and babies, the elderly and those in poor health

When you walk around on the damp carpet, mould spores are released into the atmosphere, which you can then inhale

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